From March 1st – 4th, TCLoc students came to Strasbourg for an inaugural on-campus TCLoc meeting.

The first week of March marked our very first on-campus TCLoc gathering, and it was a blast! Six of our students traveled the distance to join us for a couple of days in the charming city of Strasbourg.


It was a great opportunity for students, instructors, and administrators alike to get to know each other, in the classroom as well as over cups of coffee, lunches, and even some celebratory cake. Students got to attend a number of bonus seminars – live this time, in the truest sense of the word. They learned about GUI localization, terminology, web localization, MT, and web tools and languages with, respectively, Uta Seewald-Heeg, Mark Childress, Sergio Calvo Paez, Guylaine Mylward, Delphine Bernhard, and Mark Nightingale – all leading professionals and academics in their fields, also come from afar to join in on the fun.


We were extremely impressed by the students’ stories and backgrounds, each from different corners of the world and each with a unique professional experience and profile. Among the nationalities represented were: Slovenian, French, German, the American, Moroccan, and Portuguese. The diversity of professional backgrounds epitomized one of the principal visions of TCLoc: professionals from all fields of digital communication brought together by a shared desire to hone their skills and excel in their respective careers.


We want to thank you all for a great week that helped put faces to names, get to know one another, and hopefully foster a sense of community within the group.


It was a very rewarding experience and we look forward to getting back together again in October! Meanwhile, keep up the good work!