TCLoc will integrate Adobe® FrameMaker® 2017 training into its curriculum, offered by its newest partner, Firehead.


Firehead has just signed on as the newest industry contributor for TCLoc. Thanks to this valuable partnership, Firehead’s very own training in Adobe® FrameMaker® 2017, approved by Adobe Technical Communication, has been integrated into the TCLoc curriculum.

A specialized European recruitment consultancy for digital communicators, Firehead’s reach extends over all domains of online communication work. It is also an experienced provider of a number of content services, such as specialized training in specific domains.

Designed for new users of the authoring tool, the Adobe® FrameMaker® training course covers how to use the tool to organize, style, format, and create content that is readily adaptable to a large number of products and over a wide variety of viewing channels.

According to Fireheard, “[l]earning FrameMaker® gives students direct training in authoring and publishing software commonly used by technical communicators and allows them to publish natively across channels, mobile devices, and formats and author with best-in-class XML/DITA support”.

Firehead is one of a number of TCLoc’s important industry partners, who contribute to the program’s rich diversity of software resources and learning materials and confer on it a uniquely professional aspect, in comparison with other European master’s programs. Other contributors include tekom, Elia, GALA, CLIP, and Congree.

“We think [the TCLoc Master’s] is a great opportunity for professional communicators to develop their career and earn certification,” states web educator for Firehead, Fiona Cullinan. An opportunity that is even more significant with Firehead now on board.