TCLoc students have just finished installing the Adobe® Technical Communication Suite, free of charge, courtesy of Adobe®.

TCLoc partner Adobe® has provided us with a dozen free serial licenses for the industry-standard Adobe® Technical Communication Suite (2017 release): An incredible opportunity for our students to gain proficiency with the most widely-used software among today’s technical communication workforce.

Our students have just finished installing the suite and will now have full access to FrameMaker®, Robohelp®, Captivate®, Acrobat Pro®, and Presenter® throughout the duration of the TCLoc program. The possibility to supplement the training they receive from TCLoc instructors with practical, hands-on experience with this software will undoubtedly help them to develop valuable, career-boosting skills.

TCLoc will make particularly extensive use of Adobe® FrameMaker® in July, in a course dedicated entirely to this very tool. The 20-hour course will be taught by Toni Ressaire, technical communicator and trainer for Firehead, another TCLoc partner. Firehead is a specialized recruitment consultancy for digital communicators that offers many top-quality technical training services, and is therefore well positioned to guide our students through mastering this Adobe® authoring tool.

Toni Ressaire writes that she aims to offer “practical training on how to create ‘nimble’ content that can be re-used in multiple products and viewed across multiple channels,”  a process for which FrameMaker® is today’s leading industry tool.

To solidify their training and put their newly-acquired skills to the practical test, TCLoc students will be using FrameMaker® as the principal software for writing their master’s theses, which will be due in the Winter of 2017.

With this invaluable support in its inaugural year, TCLoc is off to a good start. We are very grateful to Adobe® for their commitment to educational programs and institutions, and for helping students to succeed in the professional world of technical communication. Thank you.