TCLoc Admissions

TCLoc Admissions Criteria and Application Process

The TCLoc Master’s is Designed for:


  • Professionals working in translation/localization, technical communication, technical writing, multimedia, IT, or languages, who wish to further their skills and obtain a master’s degree
  • Students with an academic background (e.g. Modern Languages graduates), eager to further develop in the professional domains of technical communication and localization
Admissions TCLoc Master's

TCLoc offers distance-learning courses on a Moodle Learning Platform. It was created for students interested in continuing their educationThe program schedule is flexible and designed for part-time study. The weekly workload is estimated at about 15 hours.

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Necessary Pre-qualifications


  • A high level of fluency in English
  • Good computer literacy skills
  • A keen interest in the program contents
  • A high level of motivation and strong work ethic

Entry Requirements

Selection is based on academic and professional merit, as well as motivation and potential for growth in the TCLoc areas of study.

Candidates can qualify for admission if they have:

  • A degree equivalent to four years of higher education (corresponding to 240 ECTS in the European system), or
  • A validation of knowledge acquired through experience (VAPP, detailed below) –  for applicants without a university degree who have been working for at least three years in one of the fields covered in the program (technical communication, information engineering, translation, project management, multimedia, web design, etc.).

Candidates should possess a high level of fluency in English. This requirement will be evaluated during the application process. No language certificate is required, although candidates who do have such an accreditation should include it in their application.

VAPP – Validation of Acquired Professional and Personal Experience

Students lacking the number of credits or the degree required for registration in the second year of a master’s degree can apply for VAPP (Validation des Acquis Professionnels et Personnels – Decree No. 2013-756 of 19 August 2013).  

Through VAPP, prospective students can qualify to register for recognition of prior studies, professional experience, and personal performance track records to serve as substitutes for traditional university accreditation. The validation of previous experience is based on demonstration of professional knowledge and will be evaluated by an authorized jury.

Admissions TCLoc Master's

How to Apply for the VAPP

When completing the TCLoc application form, please indicate that you would like to apply for VAPP.  We will then send you the VAPP application form and guide you through the validation process.

On the VAPP application form, you will need to demonstrate that you have acquired particular expertise in TCLoc-related domains as a result of professional experience and/or personal background. Please describe specific areas of knowledge and skills that you believe qualify you to register for the TCLoc Master’s.

Once you have completed the VAPP application form, please attach all supporting documents related to your professional experience and/or personal background.

Your application form will be examined in a timely manner by an academic jury.

TCLoc Admissions

How to Apply to TCLoc

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  • Complete the online application.
  • Please specify if you are applying for the VAPP as you need to fill out a separate form for the VAPP process.
  • After an initial short-listing phase, you will be invited for a Skype interview.
  • Registration opens in September but applications can be sent at any time throughout the year.
  • Classes begin at the end of January each year.

Tuition Fees

  • Integrated program: € 5 059
  • For applicants with a tekom Technical Communicator (tekom Europe) or Technischer Redakteur (tekom Deutschland) certification: € 3 876
  • Modularized learning: please contact us for more details

Fee Payment Policy

Registration, teaching materials, software licenses, online and on-campus seminars, exams, diploma, and certification are all included in the tuition fees.


  • Company financing: company financing fees are to be made in single payments.
  • Individual financing: individual financing payments are to be made in 5 installments.

Need Based Aid (Fee Reduction)

Students with financial difficulties interested in applying to TCLoc may be eligible for a need-based fee reduction. Proof of financial situation must be provided and will be evaluated by a committee in order to determine eligibility for a possible fee reduction.

Fee reduction is only available when the number of requests is low.

Admissions TCLoc Master's